2 Sisters Crafts and Gifts is dedicated to producing quality products with a unique flair. There are no mass-produced products. Everything is one of a kind, except for a few of the smaller items. Their specialty is custom work where they can really make something that meets the needs of individuals. If you are going to give a handmade gift to someone special, then the gift itself must be special.

2 Sisters Crafts and Gifts was established by Debra Bell and Sharon Reid in 2012. They have been crafting all their lives and, while looking at retirement, decided it was time to expand. This was no small feat as Debra was, at the time, living in Texas and spending only the summers in the mountains of western North Carolina. Sharon was living in North Carolina but in a different town. So, the decision was made to do some craft shows. Summer and Fall in Maggie Valley, NC featured, at the time, 4 different craft shows. Visitors to their booth would come back year to year to see what they had made over the winter. Their customer base was small and connected only by emails.

A few years after retiring, Debra moved to Maggie Valley, NC, where Sharon had already relocated with the aim of expanding the business. Then the pandemic hit. As with most businesses they had to rethink and retool the brand. They knew that they wanted to continue their custom work, but wanted to expand into a broader market. It is easy to get lost in the noise of craft business conglomerates so they decided to stay independent and use Facebook and this website to build a customer base. They also want to be able to offer an extension of their craft shows to customers who see something at the show that they wanted but at the time, and for some reason, did not purchase.

Peruse the website for a look at the wide variety of crocheted, quilted, and paper crafted products. If you see something you like but not in your color, let them know. If there is something that you would like but you want it personalized, let them know.